We, at worldFlats, pledge to make the sustainable choice wherever possible. We pledge to keep
sustainability and green living
at the forefront of our minds, not just when preparing our meals, but in all aspects of service.
Animal agriculture is the leading contributor to extinction and biodiversity loss and is the number 2 leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions. The livestock industry is also the leading cause of water pollution across the globe. While it’s undeniable that sweeping change on a global scale is needed, small, personal changes can also have a huge impact. Eating just one plant-based meal a day cuts your carbon footprint in half.
If one person eats only one plant-based meal a day for an entire year, they would save the equivalent of:
Our food at worldFlats is locally sourced when available in season, which means it has to travel a shorter distance to make it to your plate. All of our fresh produce comes from farms in and around northern New Jersey. Less traveling means less fuel, which means fewer fossil fuel emissions are released into the atmosphere for your meal.
It is estimated that: for every 1 calorie of energy we get from consuming food in the United States, almost 10 calories of fossil fuel energy are put into our food system.
Outside of the kitchen, worldFlats makes an effort to practice sustainability as well. Instead of plastic straws, we use agave straws, which are made from residual agave fibers and biodegrade, making them compostable. When guests are able to dine in-store, they are given washable cutlery and plates to reduce waste.