When trying to find a quick bite to grab and go does
healthy, delicious, plant-based or good for the
planet and sustainable come to mind?
Not likely, right?
In 2017, Nvair and Zareh Beylerian made the choice to become vegetarian and eat plant based, not only for the obvious health benefits, but for its global impact.
The menu and mission are both an homage to the planet - all the rich cultures that the world has to offer and a conscious decision to choose to protect the earth as much as we can.
Our Mission


If people around the world made the commitment to eat at least one plant-based meal a day, we could make a significant impact on reversing the effects of global climate change.
Not long after making the switch, the Beylerians noticed a gap in the market for quick, easy, and delicious sustainable meals. How could they make it easier to eat plant-based without sacrificing satisfying flavor?
Making a choice that benefits both you and the planet has never been easier. When the Beylerians made their switch years ago, they weren’t willing to sacrifice taste, and they don’t think you should either.
Come on in and have a meal with us. Help the planet while giving yourself a chance to taste your way around our world.