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Plant Power

Great taste....

All you need to do is choose great taste

A focus on the basics: Taste, Quality, Goodness, and Convenience. Good for you, and good all around.

worldFLATS was founded with a simple premise in mind:  A healthier twist on delicious food from tried-and-true ancient recipes.  The inspiration for our flats comes from world-renowned staples such as lahmajun, pizza, tamales, falafel, masala, and more.  A flat starts with a hearth-baked lavash bread – made in the same tradition as it has been made for thousands of years – and taste and goodness are added on.   
Healthier means fresh ingredients and yes – vegetarian.  Why add meat if you can get rich and delicious without it?  The spices do it all, and the protein easily comes from beans, nuts, and grains.   Healthier meal without any sacrifice on taste.  
And it’s good all around.  You may choose to eat a plant-based meal for your own health, spare the animals, help the environment, or save the planet, but all you need to do is choose great taste.  
Ready in minutes – Easy to order – Good all around.
Top Reasons Given for Eating Meat "Less," "Rarely" or "Never"






...good all around

Eating at least one plant-based meal a day could make a significant impact on reversing the effects of global climate change

Choosing to benefit both you and the planet has never been easier. We aren’t willing to sacrifice taste, and we don’t think you should either.

 We aim to make it easier to make great choices. We think you’ll notice the great taste before you realize you are helping yourself and the planet too!

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